Cheese Knife Guide: Quick Tips For Choosing The Right Knife

Cheese Knife Guide: Quick Tips For Choosing The Right Knife

That’s right, there’s more than one kind of cheese knife and each one is carefully designed to elevate your cheese cutting experience. (Thank us later.)

Whilst they’re not quite a kitchen essential, those who love a cheese platter will tell you a good selection of cheese knives is a must have! Basically, the aim is to have a different knife for each cheese so that the flavor profiles don’t get mixed up. Of course, you can achieve the same results with your run-of-the-mill kitchen knives, but what has cheese ever done to you?


If you can only buy one cheese knife, we recommend starting off with a pronged slicing knife. This is the most common of them all as it’s multipurpose design makes it suitable for both soft and hard cheese. The prongs at the end make it easy to pick up slices, and can also be used to hold down a block of cheese when slicing with a different knife.



If you want to show your guests that you take fromage a little bit more seriously, make sure you keep a cleaver in the drawer. Most suitable for hard cheeses, a cleaver has a wide, rectangular blade that allows you to cut even slices of cheese, from top to bottom.

Last but not least, a pate knife is perfect for spreading pates, soft cheeses and jams. The smallest of the bunch, this knife should not be forgotten as its perfect for applying cheeses to bread and crackers. We recommend leaving a few out with your platter as most guests will likely use one.

At the end of the day, cheese knives might not be essential, but then again, neither is cheese.