7 Kitchen Tools You Never Knew You Needed

7 Kitchen Tools You Never Knew You Needed

Okay, ‘need’ might be a strong word, but we dare you not to splurge on these big ticket kitchen items once you’ve seen them in action. Sure, you can mix the cake batter yourself, core your apples the slow way and chop the herbs with an everyday knife… but there’s something about having the right tools for the right job.

Below is our list of kitchen tools you never knew you needed. They might not be “essential” but they certainly know how to get the job done!



  1. Spiralizer

In an era where carbs are the enemy and clean eating is the new sexy, you can’t go past owning a fruit and vegetable spiralizer. This thing will peel your apples, make zucchini noodles (AKA Zoodles) and shred your cabbage for taco night like no other. As a contraption, it looks hard to handle, but once you get the hang of it you’ll think there’s no better way to eat your vegetables.

  1. Herb Chopper

Perfect for cutting fresh, leafy herbs such as; cilantro, parsley, mint, basil and more, a herb chopper will evenly cut greens without bruising or blemishing. It can even crush them into a fine paste to create delicious sauces such as pesto.

  1. Food Processor

A food processor is perfect for slicing, dicing, shredding, grinding, liquidizing and more. In fact, a food processor can cut almost anything, including your meal prep time in half.

  1. Lemon Juicer

This little device is perfect for squeezing lemons and making sure every last drop of juicy goodness comes out! …Perfect for dressing salads or infusing cordials in the summer.

  1. Smoothie Blender

If you’re yet to experience the joys of an at-home smoothie blender, do yourself a favor and get one. Smoothie blenders are the new juicer and there’s a whole world of healthy, nutritious, delicious recipes out there waiting for you.

  1. Mix Master

If you’re a cake baker or bread maker you can’t go past having a mix master. This appliance will evenly knead dough and mix cake butter, ensuring every bit of flour is well dispersed.

  1. Sandwich Press

A sandwich press does so much more than just grill cheese. You can use it as a hot plate to fry an egg, flip some pancakes or grill a hamburger. If you know you’re a little bit lazy in the kitchen, then this device has your name written all over it!